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Legends of Wrestling was first conceived in 2007 when “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs was the Tampa Bay Rays’ “10th Man.” The Rays asked the Nasty Boy to put together a wrestling show at Tropicana Field during a home game featuring all his rowdy friends from the glory days of professional wrestling.  That night in Tampa the seed for Legends of Wrestling was born.  The show was such a success that the Rays asked Brian to do it again the following year.

In 2013, the Miami Marlins call the Nasty Boy after learning about the positive response to Legends of Wrestling in Tampa a few years before. The Legends of Wrestling Night for the Miami Marlins was a resounding success more than tripling the ticket sales from the previous night and garnering both local and national media attention.  Seeing the opportunity to take all his rowdy friends around the world for one more run, the Nasty Boy formed a new “tag” team of highly skilled business and wrestling minds to turn Legends of Wrestling into the global entertainment organization it is today.